This FORUM page is the space on which the LIST of AGREED UNIVERSAL HUMAN DUTIES (LAUHD) will come into being. Here the views and the experience of HDN members can be exchanged, clearly and concisely, to eventually arrive at an agreed text that describes the duties every human being should observe in order to fulfil Mankind’s guardian role on planet Earth.

Those duties vary considerably in nature and scope. Some are millennia old maxims, others are modern, but all reflect the view of present day’s Mankind. The continuous change in the composition of the network will ensure that this view is kept up to date.

The first entry on the forum consists of a draft list grouped in four categories, representing the four positions that a human being occupies vis-à-vis Mankind’s overall duty as the planet’s guardian.

Draft List of Universal Human Duties

A – EXISTENTIAL (continuity of homo sapiens)

  • The parents of a child, a new human being, are obliged to protect this child, to take care of it and accompany it to its independence.
  • People who are unable, or less able to maintain their independence must be assisted and supported by their fellow-humans.

B – INDIVIDUAL (endowment of reason and conscience; self control)

  • Every human being is unique in its ability to reflect and to choose. It is her or his duty to develop and maintain the qualities that it is born with, and thus deserve the respect of its fellow-humans.
  • Every human being should be prepared to account for her or his actions.
  • The human brain is the seat of its reason and conscience. Its functioning should not be impaired by non-judicious consumption of alcohol and drugs.

C – MUTUAL (Golden Rule; Fair Play)

  • A human being should treat others as it wishes to be treated by them.
    (Moved to the LAUHD page)
  • When people compete pursuing the same goal, they must respect the rules that apply in a spirit of ‘fair play’.

D – ENVIRONMENTAL (Mankind’s habitat, planet Earth)

  • A basic assumption of all human thinking and acting must be: recognizing Life in all its manifestations. Life must be dealt with consciously and judisciously.
  • Every human being should be aware of the deterioration of planet Earth at the hands of Mankind, and should do its utmost to reverse the trend.

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October 24th 2017

Some difficulties with the ict-support of this website are delaying its progress. So please, dear fellow-members, have some patience. Meanwhile, we can resume the Forum debate and gather the best views and insights to delineate Mankind’s guardian function on planet Earth. Eventually, that guardian function should find its place in a huge website with the title “Humanity’s Conscience”, a site that is meant to underpin all human decision-making.

August 24th 2017

This website is meant to be developed into a mass movement that embraces the entire planet Earth. Thus far, membership is growing rather slowly, so it could be useful to retell its core message on this Forum page in order to stir up comment that could unleash the debate on human duties. — The evolution of Life on planet Earth has singled out the species homo sapiens as the only one whose actions can have a decisive influence on the planet and its Life. Homo sapiens , also referred to as Mankind or Humanity, cannot boast about its track record in this respect, as it has not always exercised that influence in a benevolent manner. But that can be changed. —When Mankind can be brought to agree on the guidelines for people’s moral choices, i.e. those between right and wrong, this wil create the bedrock for all human decision making, and leave the planet and its Life better off.

June 13th 2017

The study on obesity and overweight published in the New England Journal of Medicine 0n June 12, 2017, is finding worldwide coverage in the media. Rightly so, for its results can readily be seen as a CODE RED alert for humanity. If some 30% of human beings on Earth suffer from these abnormalities something is seriously wrong; humanity’s function as the Guardian of planet Earth and its Life is compromised. Our reaction should be a stepped-up effort to promote the human duties message, the message that every human being bears responsibility for planet Earth. That responsibility involves observing a number of duties – under the general theme of self-control – that should guide human beings to making the right decisions (choices).

May 29th 2017

The Forum page is a very quiet place these days. Remarkable, as it is the very place where members can express their views on the HDN and its intended product, the list of duties. For example, it could be thought desirable to add another duty to the list, the duty to refrain from corruption. Also, the phrasing of the duties could be a field for lively exchanges. Whatever, our network should become the world’s example of an ad hoc group of modern people that is trying to “improve the world” entirely within the realm of human interaction.

March 17th 2017

The concept of universal human duties is slowly finding its way. On the internet a few other websites have already referred to our one , that is firmly positioned at the #1 spot in Google’s ranking under the search term ‘human duties’.
The great debate on this Forum page is not yet unleashed, but now is an opportune moment to raise a simple question: how do we ascertain that there is sufficient support for a proposed duty to declare it universal? Counting the number of individuals among the 7.5 billion humans on the planet is of course not possible, so we have to settle for a ‘ convincing majority’. The debate on this Forum page will probably point the way to such a convincing majority.
Fortunately we have an example to illustrate this process: the Golden Rule (#C1 in the draft list of duties). According to experts this maxim was recognized many millennia ago and
is part of all main beliefs to this day. This would seem to provide sufficient proof of a convincing majority, so that this duty could be ‘transferred’ from the draft list to the LAUHD
page, in order to acquire an ‘official’ status in the world’s new morality.

December 31st 2016

On this last day of 2016 it is fitting for the originator of this website to:
—— look back and appreciate the tiny breakthrough in media attention for the site, which resulted in a membership of the HDN
of 268 at this year’s end;
—— look around and notice the ever growing need for a really global morality that underpins the decisions/choices of all humans
on planet Earth (by now some 7,5 billion) and thereby enables them to fulfil their guardianship duty;
—— look forward to 2017 and beyond for the ever accelerating growth in the membership of the Human Duties Network, a
membership that signifies one’s commitment to shouldering Mankind’s responsibility for planet Earth.

October 27th 2016

On October 18, 2016, we sent the first Newsletter of this website to the members of the H(uman) D(uties) N(etwork). Unfortunately, some of them will not have received it as their email addresses were not registered in our system. This dates back to the time that applicants could choose between ‘member’and ‘supporter’, and the email address was not mandatory for supporters. Therefore I –as originator and temporary head of the website’s secretariat– would ask those members who did not [repeat:not] receive the Newsletter to mail their email address to this site, via Thanks.

September 10th 2016

Recently the distinction between supporters and members that this website was offering was removed. From now on all applicants are registered as members (mHDN).
Being a member of the HDN means that you are assuming your share of Mankind’s responsibility for planet Earth. A huge task awaits us giving form and substance to this responsibility. Let’s begin.

August 24th 2016

On July 8, 2016 a Dutch newspaper (Volkskrant) ran an article on this website — after an interview with its originator, Hans Maier — that clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of publicity in the media: that first day saw 46 applicants for membership, and in the days following this number quickly rose to over 250. This success shows the importance of having access to the media, and may encourage members to try and open up such access. But of course their own lists of contacts already present great opportunities to ‘spread the word’, and multiply the number of participants in the debate on the Forum page, the debate that should lead to a new morality for all inhabitants of planet Earth. It’s our duty.
Mr. Marc Conradi (July 16th 2016) mentions a quote by Martin Luther who referred to a possible ‘end of the world’. Luckily, our present world will enjoy a better fate, but that requires acceptance of Mankind’s guardian role on planet Earth.

Marc Conradi
July 16th 2016

Excellent Idea! I’d like to suggest one more (motivating) duty, the famous quote, attributed to Martin Luther (the German theologist 1483 – 1556), “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree”.
See my blog:
or in Dutch:

Wil Heeffer
July 8th 2016

A lot of succes with this excelent idea. Maybe it is interesting for your Dutch members to know that I published last year: Hoelang pikken we het nog, over de afbraak van het publieke domein en het verloren gaan van solidariteit (Publisher: Wilde Raven/Nijmegen). A social, philosophical essay on this topic. It was a follow uo of my essay: Tot elkaar veroordeeld (Uitgeverij Aspekt).

Wim Antonissen
July 8th 2016

I am and feel co-responsable. Worthy initiative.

Joyke Irene Jonkers-Maier
June 29th 2016

I support strongly the idea of human duties.

Joyke Irene Jonkers-Maier
June 29th 2016

Thank you dear Joyke, for your support.