The Mission

The mission of is to make people all around the world aware of their unique and essential role as the guardians of planet Earth and Life upon it, and to help develop a set of rules that enables them to fulfil this role.

Mankind's Record

All human activity on planet Earth follows upon decisions (choices) made by human beings. Their choices determined the history of the planet, both constructively and destructively, in the last fifty-odd millennia. In the twentieth century the destructive effects aroused such levels of repulsion that mankind resolved to establish rules of behaviour for the planet’s inhabitants.

The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights

In December 1948 the United Nations adopted the UDHR, that became the standard for all nations to be achieved in their legislations. The inclusion of duties was rejected for fear that nations, having granted rights to their citizens, might see these neutralized by at the same demanding duties from them. In this way the Declaration was confined to rights, and left duties uncodified.

Imbalance Of Rights And Duties

The decisions (choices) that people make when carrying out their activities are guided by their rights and their duties. In a normal, decent community there is a balance between these two “tools”. The UDHR created an imbalance by focusing on rights, and leaving duties to existing sources of guidance, of which there is a multitude, mainly religions and ancient cultural traditions. So there is a void to be filled.